GM Bearing Fitting Tool Kit

GM Bearing Fitting Tool kits are specially matched to meet tool storage needs of professional mechanics and service technicians. These very carefully designed set structure offer both an effective means of tool storage and a showcase appearance. Built to last, these kits are a wise investment because they hold their value. GM Bearing Fitting Tool kits comprise Impact Sleeves, 36 Impact rings made out of super tough light weight impact resistant Ultra High Molecular Weight impact resistant Polyethylene rings made to fit diverse combination of impact rings and impact sleeves. With the above assembly one can mount over 200 types and sizes from 10mm to 50mm of bearings with precision and accuracy. Each sleeve can accommodate about 200 mm length projecting shaft. The Kit comes in suitable carrying steel case. Selection chart is provided in each kit to identify easy mounting.


Ensures accurate alignment and even distribution of mounting forces.
No chance of dust or dirt being injected into the bearings.
Easy mounting ensuring troube free performance.
Longer life of bearings resulting to huge savings.