GM Induction Heater GM100

GM Induction Heaters are designed to heat the Bearings and other shrink-fit components prior to mounting, using latest technology intelligent microcontroller based electronic controls. The life of Bearings and other torque transmitting steel components, which are shrunk-fit on shaft, may get cut short due to rough handling and faulty installation or mounting methods. This can be avoided by expanding them by induction heating for the purpose of mounting of the component. GM Induction Heater / Tyre Induction Heaters - GM 100 has highest capacity to heat the components. It has controls similar to GM-series, which are intelligent microcontroller based electronic controls with data logger which can upload the all data month wise. It weights about 3 Ton and capable to heat the Railway Wheel Tyre within 15 to 20 min. GM Induction Heater / Tyre Induction Heater - GM 100 is provided with automated Roll-sliding Arrangement for horizontal yoke and operated automatically and manually in case of power failure. The automated Roll-Sliding Arrangement is so designed that the yoke gets lifted automatically rolls off from the vertical supports without rubbing or damaging and scraping mating surfaces. This arrangement provides additional safety, ease of operation and helps to improve productivity.