GM Hydraulic Scissor Lift - GM SS 909, 910

GM Hydraulic Scissors Lifts GM SS 909 / 910 - Series are widely used in different industries and are appreciated nationwide. Our unmatched quality range of hydraulic scissor lift has enabled us in achieving the market credibility and the trust and reliance of our clients.


Available in 500 kg and 1000 kg capacity
• Lifting platforms with duplex & triplex pairs of scissors arms
• Offer smooth operation in small and confined areas
• Effective in machine shop, fabrication shop, component stores, receiving bays, etc.
• Very compact and highly maneuverable
• For manual hydraulic models, the length is only about 75 - 80 mm more than the usual
• Available with plate platform or conveyor roller top
• Provided with hand-operated manual hydraulic, mains operated AC hydraulic or battery powered DC hydraulic
• Having lift heights between 1000 mm and 1800 mm
• Collapsed heights